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Kara spent the first 10 years of her career in the Restaurant industry and when she eventually earned her Bachelor's Degree in Forensic Science from FGCU, she worked for the Department of Juvenile Justice as a Juvenile Probation Officer for 1 year. It was through previous work experiences that she acquired a unique and in-depth understanding of people. These experiences lead her to realize her new calling. She officially became a REALTOR and has since been using her vast knowledge and love for Florida to help her clients find their dream homes.
"I chose to join Team Masse because of the chance to work under Carla. Her energy and compassion for Real Estate are contagious, and the Development and Training that she offers to her Team members create a close-knit environment that has been crucial to my success as a REALTOR", said Kara.
Kara enjoys spending her free time at the beach and just being outdoors. She also takes full advantage of the Southwest Florida lifestyle, including fishing and kayaking. Kara is in love with Mexican foods most especially, tacos.
Despite being new to the Real Estate industry, Kara has helped different families already and has proven her local knowledge of the many amenities the area has to offer. Kara can not only assist you in making good decisions with your real estate sale and purchase, but she can also provide a wealth of local information and tips. As a REALTOR, her favorite part about being one is each day is something new, she also loves how she gets to connect with all kinds of people and hear their different stories.
Kara's guiding motto is, “Your bad day is another person's good day”, which keeps her grounded and reminds her to always be grateful for what she has in life. Kara is a driven real estate professional. She radiates good energy and is a very compassionate person. She will listen, work hard with her Client's interests in mind, and follow through with a customized experience.

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Meet Shelley Goins, a dynamic professional whose life is as vibrant as her favorite color, green. Beyond her accomplished career as an Experienced Account Manager and Corporate Trainer in the information technology and services industry, Shelley finds joy in playing golf and pickleball, immersing herself in the rhythm of music, and savoring the delicious simplicity of tacos.

Shelley's expertise lies in negotiation, sales, communication, presentation skills, and team building. Her strong leadership in training and sales is underlined by a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Tennessee Wesleyan College. With a blend of professional prowess and a passion for life's simple pleasures, Shelley Goins is ready to bring a unique and well-rounded perspective to your real estate journey.



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Hello there! I'm Shelbie Hoffmann, a passionate real estate agent based in the stunning coastal city of Naples, Florida. Having been born and raised here, I possess a profound understanding of the local market and an unwavering admiration for its unique charm.

While I may be a newcomer to the real estate industry, I bring a fresh perspective along with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and personal growth. My enthusiasm and commitment to providing exceptional client experiences remain unwavering. Assisting individuals and families in finding their dream homes and guiding them through every step of the process ignites my passion. I firmly believe that a positive attitude can work wonders, and I am driven to support you in every way possible. From navigating market complexities to negotiating the best deals, I'll be right by your side, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Beyond work, I cherish quality time with my boyfriend, family, and friends. I am an avid reader, a fitness enthusiast who loves staying active, and I'm always eager to explore new activities. These hobbies reflect my curious and adventurous nature, which spills over into my professional life as I continuously seek innovative ways to better serve my clients.

If you're seeking a dedicated real estate agent who is eager to prove their worth, it would be an honor for me to assist you in your real estate journey. Let's embark on this exciting adventure together!